Mobile Business Intelligence Get You Smarter

No matter where you are, if you turn to the street right now and ask the passersby a simple question, whether they heard of business intelligence (BI) tools and if their office is using it, I think you can count on a vast majority of yeses. Business intelligence has become a business standard. In the modern business environment one cannot thrive without it. It is not only because it actually helps guide business forward, but also because lacking BI resources reflects badly on it.

The world is moving fast and it doesn’t look like slowing down. It is not just business world that produces boundless data. It is the way we communicate, services we use on our everyday basis. New insights are needed and researched for everywhere. Who produce and consume vast data every day, all day long? We do. If BI tools are meant and used to make business better, why not use mobile business intelligence to ease our way about everyday decisions? And also having a bit of fun doing it?

We are bombarded with tons of info during our spare time, meaning outside working environment. It happens by the means and ways of communication we use. The big question here is how we process, understand and use all these information? And what tools do we use to help ourselves get better at it? Do we filter, pivot, dynamically process our personal data? Do we analyze information we are targeted with by marketers? We agree and understand business intelligence is essential for business, so why not transfer the logic to the personal side of life?

Visualization in BIView Mobile BI

Visualization in BIView Mobile Business Intelligence

If we do use mobile business intelligence, you ask, what can be the tool?

For obvious reasons it should be easy to use but effective in results, with attractive yet simple design. Most of all, it would have to had the ability to connect to all kinds of data. Imagine we’d be able to connect and easily access our health data (from various health tracking apps or the actual health card), our personal bank account history, national weather history or popular movie database, …

Imagine we’d have all this data already arranged in predefined data cubes and dashboards. Pre-set OLAP cubes for easy pivoting and filtering! All on our mobile device, ready to go whenever we’d want. Wouldn’t be great to know, for instance, how many calories we burned – cumulatively or per step – during each month? Or which TV series is the most popular so we don’t waste our time exploring the internet on foot? Two taps, two swipes and the popcorn is ready.

Simple pivoting & filtering in BIVIew Mobile BI

Simple pivoting & filtering in BIView Mobile Business Intelligence

Mobile business intelligence is the next big thing, that’s just the way the industry goes. Search for the best and most comprehensive mobile business intelligence experience is very much on, but the superpowers are building on the business use logic. That means these BI heavyweights are too complex, too expensive and thus ineffective for the individual user.

Are we therefore left empty handed when BI support to real-life everyday decision-making is in question? No, we’re most definitely not. Take a peek into the BIView Showroom and experience simple, fast and effective mobile business intelligence on data you actually need and use while on-the-go, equipped with your smartphone or tablet.