Business Intelligence Nurture Excellence

We started our latest blog with the definiton with the definition of the business intelligence (BI) but to understand the term doesn’t mean to understand the field, even less to possess the know-how to react thus making it actionable. That is not the way business intelligence nurture excellence.

It is rather difficult to explain business intelligence without presenting how it impacts someone’s business. To only emphasize the well known keynotes of using BI to save time and money or deciding faster, easier and better, could not be enough. Therefore, good way to explain (and it’s all about explaining, not simply describing, citing…) is by using the analogy and I came up against a very illustrative one the other day.

It says that a simple way to explain the complex set of methodologies, processes and technologies that is the BI is “to say it is like your own personal golf caddy.” (Paul Black) In what sense you ask?

A reliable golf caddy should always come prepared to give the player advice about the course they’re about to play. They’ll highlight potentially challenging topographical features and suggest how best to navigate them.” (ibid.)

“In the same way, BI software can use predictive analytics to turn large quantities of raw data into essential foresight. And, just as a caddy follows you around the course, BI allows you to have vital sales reports to hand as and when you need them.” (ibid.)

Business Intelligence Nurture Excellence on the Long Run

Business Intelligence Nurture Excellence on the Long Run

Take the long view and you’ll have business intelligence nurture excellence

Business intelligence is in no capacity a short term fix, but rather a long-term investment in growth of your business. Again, the golf caddy analogy gives a perfect explanation why.

“The world’s best golfers prefer to have a seasoned, intelligent caddy available to help them both avoid mistakes and make the most of potential advantages. Similar to a caddy recommending a specific club or a particular type of shot, the best BI software will go that one step further, feeding you actionable insight to bolster your sales and marketing strategy.” (ibid.)

The key when assessing the implementation of BI to your organization is to be aware that when implemented correctly through sufficiently long period of time, business intelligence nurture excellence and knowledge throughout whole of your organization’s operations (strategy planning, sales, R&D, HR, marketing…).

In the era of data economy where “data services as an up-selling tactic and add-on product will become a mainstream trend”(Loraine Lawson), to have the expertise in data governance grown and developed from within your organization is the competitive edge the best businesses go for.