Actionable Business Intelligence: the Story of Innovation

I was faced with a simple, yet important question the other day. “What do you think is the best way to innovate as a business today?” I say simple question because it is obvious that business intelligence and data analytics are the answer. I say very important question since this is the same answer I would have given a couple of years ago. How come? Has nothing changed? Is the question I should answer actually be “how to put business intelligence tools to use and innovate as a business today?” I mulled over it for a minute and here’s my answer – make your data actionable. Read more

Mobile Business Intelligence Get You Smarter

No matter where you are, if you turn to the street right now and ask the passersby a simple question, whether they heard of business intelligence (BI) tools and if their office is using it, I think you can count on a vast majority of yeses. Business intelligence has become a business standard. In the modern business environment one cannot thrive without it. It is not only because it actually helps guide business forward, but also because lacking BI resources reflects badly on it. Read more

Business Intelligence Quadrant – the February Report

Gartner has released the first of 2016 papers on the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms and it is nothing short of extraordinary.

Everyone involved in the field knows that business intelligence (BI) has been undergoing a fundamental shift in the recent years. Industry shifted from traditional, IT-centric platforms to more decentralized data discovery solutions with the intent to expand the use of analytics to a new – business-centric – nontraditional group of business intelligence users. But that was last year. Read more